Kalimaran Festival 2024 is not politically motivated but a celebration of the Murut ethnic group in Sabah (MAMAGUN)

TENOM: The President of the Sabah Mamagun Organization (MAMAGUN), Rudy Mairi, refutes claims that the Kalimaran Festival organized by the Kadazan Dusun Murut Malaysia (KDMM) Organization is politically motivated.


He asserted that the festival is a continuation of past celebrations and was designated to be held annually on March 30th and 31st by the previous government.

Rudy highlighted that over 10 Murut ethnic groups were invited to a recent meeting to contribute to the success of the Kalimaran Festival 2024.

He clarified that the festival’s main objective is to elevate the status of the Murut ethnic group in Sabah, not for political gain.

Rudy addressed allegations of political use of the festival, stating that it is organized by the KDMM, a registered NGO, and not a political party.

He mentioned that the organisation has a history of implementing programmes for the KDM community, including events that bring together Sabahans from Peninsular Malaysia.

Rudy said that the Kalimaran Festival, along with other programmes, aims to celebrate the Murut ethnic group and welcomes individuals from all political backgrounds to participate in the festivities.

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