KKS set to commence health programme in March

SANDAKAN The Chairman of Panel Klinik Kesihatan Sandakan, Mr. Robert Chong Thien Ming, has announced that KKS will commence its inaugural health programme in March, which will run until September.


“Today, our committee has just concluded a discussion and meeting to finalise all the details and budget for the 2024 programmes.

“Our programmes will include immunisation for children under the age of 7 within the vicinity of KKS, talks on HIV, tuberculosis screening, and pap smear screening, as well as various other health talks and activities,” he said in a statement today.

Furthermore, he announced that KKS has been chosen to host the mini convention for the entire Sandakan unit of Klinik Kesihatan before the main event of the state convention, which will take place in Sandakan in August.

In June 2024, KKS will organise a charity run to raise awareness about health, in conjunction with the state convention, and to further expand our health activities in the upcoming years.

Chong emphasized that KKS Sandakan is dedicated to providing better health checks and information to the public, as it is evident that many netizens still lack knowledge about healthy living and medical check-ups.

Chong also expressed gratitude towards the caring netizens who donated and sponsored KKS during last year’s Bazaar Madani organized by the panel. He assured me that these funds would be put to good use and that he would be committed to helping those in need.

He concluded by acknowledging the committed and hardworking committees that have kept these programmes running and expressing his gratitude to the team.

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