Bung Moktar fires first salvo in Telupid ahead of the impending state election

SANDAKAN: In the midst of speculation about a potential early state election, Sabah UMNO leader Datuk Bung Moktar Radin fired the first salvo in Telupid, calling on the state’s people to maintain their support for the party.


In drumming up support for the party, the top leadership of UMNO Sabah, led by Bung, commenced the Grassroots Tour (GERAK 17) programme on Thursday in Telupid and Labuk state constituencies in the district of Beluran.

This initiative, starting in Zone 5, will extend to Sekong DUN, Sungai Manila DUN, and Sungai Sibuga DUN, as well as all UMNO divisions based on the designated zones.

Bung, who also serves as the Sabah Barisan Nasional (BN) chairman, emphasised that the primary goal of this programme is to engage with leaders and grassroots members to discuss current political developments.

Additionally, it involves assessing the party’s machinery readiness at the division level in preparation for the upcoming 17th State Election, he said.

Following the programme in Telupid, Bung expressed gratitude for the unwavering spirit and dedication of grassroots members.

According to Bung, GERAK 17 is carried out with the desire to see UMNO dominant again and strong enough to face the upcoming state election.

“If this spirit can be restored, God willing, I believe that UMNO will be back in the political arena to take over the current government,” he said.

In his speech, Bung, who is also UMNO Supreme Council member, called on all UMNO members to rise and build the party’s strength using all available resources.

He said that besides development politics and service politics, UMNO also needs to be agile in issue-based politics and sentiments often played in social media and must counter any attacks directed towards the party.

“We are facing attacks from the opposing party using social media to spread slander, belittling our struggle that we need to fight in order to defend the image and strength of UMNO from being tarnished,” he said.

Through the GERAK 17 tour, Bung hopes that a boost of motivation and spirit will revive the fighting spirit of UMNO members, and this needs to be accompanied by the steadfastness of every member who not only understands the aspirations of UMNO’s struggle but is also able to translate them into actions to strengthen the party alongside the leadership.

“If we want to win, we need to work towards winning by aligning our thoughts, actions, and hearts. Only then can the brotherhood among members be strengthened, and a wider network can be established to attract more support.”

“The spirit of unity and teamwork is a crucial ingredient for us to strengthen UMNO so that it can regain its strength and earn the trust of the people,” he said.

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