Sabah UMNO youth urged to carry on with the struggle to win the hearts and minds of the young people in PRN

KOTA KINABALU: The UMNO Youth Movement needs to be on the right track to continue and inherit the party’s struggle for the nation, religion, and country.


The Chief of the Beaufort UMNO Division, Datuk Awang Aslee Lakat, said that in order to bear this responsibility, the youth must have a strong spirit of struggle that is integrated, courageous, and hardworking to achieve the aspirations of returning to power in the state government after the upcoming State Election (PRN).

“To see UMNO and Barisan Nasional (BN) govern Sabah, the responsibility of the youth is to work sincerely and honestly because the party’s struggle must be inherited by the younger generation.

“What we do today will determine the future, so work diligently and embrace the party’s struggle,” he said during a speech at the UMNO Youth Movement Brainstorming Session here recently.

The programme, attended by the four main leaders from the 25 divisions of the UMNO Youth Movement in Sabah, lasted for three days.

During his speech at the event, Awang Aslee, who was the former pro tem chief of the UMNO Youth Movement in the Kimanis division since UMNO first set foot in Sabah, also shared his experiences with the settlement participants.

According to him, what is important in the struggle is the matter of principles and loyalty to the party.

Despite facing many challenges, they must be overcome with a strong spirit and a firm identity, where every challenge will sharpen a person’s leadership, as he experienced from being a youth activist to becoming the Chief of the Beaufort UMNO Division.

“There are indeed many challenges and trials that we (youth) must face in the struggle, but what is most important is the principles and priority to the party that will provide experience and mature the thinking of a leader to lead a large organisation,” he said.

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