Time to counter cyberattack on UMNO, Nik Mohd Nazri tells UMNO members to leverage social media tools

KENINGAU: UMNO is currently under attack through cyber warfare by its adversaries, who are accusing the party of spreading propaganda and holding UMNO and its leadership responsible for the challenges faced by the public, despite having been part of the government alongside UMNO previously.


Keningau UMNO chief Nik Mohd Nazri Nik Zawawi stressed the importance of addressing these attacks on UMNO by setting the record straight.

He highlighted that failure to do so will undoubtedly tarnish UMNO’s reputation and influence.

He said that it is the responsibility of UMNO members to correct the negative perceptions surrounding the party and help the public understand the real issues faced by the government through various channels, including social media platforms.

Nik Mohd Nazri made these remarks after officiating the Media and TikTok Course organized by Puteri UMNO Sabah over the weekend.

The event was attended Busiau Ampirak, UMNO Pensiangan Chief, Ummi Nabilah Datuk Jamal, Puteri UMNO Sabah Chief, Bobby Balang, UMNO Youth Movement Chief in Tenom, and Salzielah Suhaidi, Puteri UMNO Keningau Chief.

In light of these circumstances, Nik Mohd Nazri urged UMNO’s machinery to consistently utilize social media to enhance the party’s digital presence, particularly in engaging with the younger generation and potential voters.

He stressed that mastering social media technology and its content is crucial for UMNO’s advancement in the digital era.

Nik Mohd Nazri noted that there is a growing trend of people expressing concerns about various issues, such as water supply infrastructure, transportation systems, electricity provision, and the cost of living, through social media platforms.

He highlighted that in today’s interconnected world, individuals are adept at leveraging digital tools to voice their grievances, making it imperative for UMNO to effectively utilize social media to navigate the digital landscape.

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