Kunak assemblyman mulls legal action over defamatory video

KUNAK :Kunak assemblyman Datuk Norazlinah Arif is contemplating legal recourse against the party responsible for producing and circulating the defamatory video on social media platforms.


Kunak Parti Gagasan Rakyat Sabah deputy chief Bahri Lakile said that this action is being taken to safeguard Norazlinah Arif’s reputation and credibility as a people’s representative.

According to Bahri, a video clip surfaced on Wednesday alleging that Datuk Norazlinah Arif was involved in the falsification of documents and was being investigated by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

“In the video clip, it is claimed that Norazlinah Arif engaged in document forgery by obtaining a PUKONSA license to carry out contractual work through the assembly’s provisions.

“Upon careful examination, I find these accusations to be completely baseless and malicious. This is evident from the fact that all Sabah state government allocations are managed by the District Office as the implementing agency,” he said in a statement, here today.

Bahri further clarified that the Kunak assemblyman has no involvement in the quotation process, appraisal, or decision-making for contractor appointments within the District Office Committee.

“The initial investigation revealed that the license in question, which was linked to this matter, has been verified as authentic by the Kunak District Office.

“The representative of Kunak has no personal interest or connection to the ownership of the license in question.

“I am confident and would like to emphasize that the content and dissemination of the video are baseless and malicious, with the intention of tarnishing his reputation and credibility as a representative of the people of Kunak,” Bahri explained.

He added that any violations or errors related to this matter should be directed to the Kunak District Office, which is responsible for receiving and verifying copies of the license in question.

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