Kampung Tangkarason Beluran Health Clinic razed by fire

BELURAN: The Kampung Tangkarason Health Clinic in Beluran was completely destroyed in a fire that occurred last night.


The Sabah State Fire and Rescue Department received a distress call about the incident through the MERS99 hotline at approximately 1:08 a.m..

Following the call, a team of officers from the Beluran Fire and Rescue Station, led by Operations Commander PBKII John Francis Andam, rushed to the scene, which is approximately 215 kilometres away.

Information about the incident reported that the fire involved the Kampung Tangkarason Health Clinic and temporary staff quarters, measuring 60×30 square feet, which were completely burned when the fire brigade arrived at the scene.

The fire brigade successfully extinguished the fire using one 100-foot hose and two open water sources (ponds).

The firefighting operation, assisted by the Royal Malaysia Police and the Civil Defence Force, was reported to be under control at 6:20 a.m..

No casualties were reported, and the cause of the fire and estimated losses are still under investigation.

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