PISAAN president pledges to fortify KDM in Bengkoka

PENAMPANG: The president of the Sabah Rungus Pitas Association (PISAAN), Richard Mazagi, announced on Friday his decision to join the Kesejahteraan Demokratik Masyarakat (KDM) party.


Richard, accompanied by community leaders and his supporters from Bengkoka, Pitas, came to the KDM Headquarters to submit his membership form, which was received by the party’s president, Datuk Peter Anthony himself.

Peter expressed that Richard’s inclusion, along with his supporters, signifies the beginning of KDM’s efforts in Pitas, particularly in the Bengkoka state constituency.

He said that KDM’s presence in Bengkoka is a continuation of the party’s mission to assist, enhance, and uplift the people in this region.

“We warmly welcome not only the leaders but also the people from the Pitas area, especially Bengkoka, to join the KDM party.

“As everyone is aware, KDM was established as a platform to advocate for issues that are of great importance to the people.

“The entry of Richard, who will lead the KDM of Kudat Division, marks the formation of another team that will spearhead the KDM’s struggle,” he expressed while accepting Richard and his supporters into the KDM.

Also present were KDM Deputy President, who is also a Bandau assemblyman, Datuk Wetrom Bahanda, KDM Supreme Council Member (AMT), Datuk Alimudin Kaida, and other KDM leaders.

Peter, who is also a Melalap assemblyman, expressed his hope that KDM Pitas, particularly in Bengkoka, will strengthen the party’s position, especially with the upcoming State Election (PRN).

He expressed confidence that the people in Bengkoka will embrace KDM’s struggle, and it is not far-fetched to envision the area becoming a stronghold for the party in the future.

“However, all of this can only be achieved if the leadership of KDM Pitas Division works diligently and remains united,” he emphasized.

Meanwhile, Richard expressed his gratitude to Peter and the other KDM leaders for entrusting him with the responsibility of leading the party in Pitas.

“I will utilise all of my experience and pledge to fortify KDM in Pitas, particularly Bengkoka.

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