LDP expresses concern over the deteriorating road condition at Mile 27

SANDAKAN; LDP Vice President Chong Thien Ming and LDP Supreme Council member cum Sandakan Complaint Bureau Lam Jin Dak recently paid a visit to JKR Sandakan office to meet with District Engineer Mr. Vitus Dee Aegitius.


The purpose of their visit was to gain a better understanding of the current condition of the pan borneo road at mile 27 and mile 34.

It has come to their attention that the road condition at mile 27 is in a deteriorating state, leading to numerous incidents and complaints.

Mr. Vitus explained that JKR has been instructed to prioritize the maintenance of urgently needed roads in Sandakan, including the mile 27 road that has gained attention in the media.

However, due to the consistent rainfall, maintenance work becomes challenging as it would only lead to temporary improvements if carried out during rainy conditions. Lintasan Resources has been appointed as the concessionary responsible for the maintenance of the road.

Mr. Chong expressed his concern and urged JKR to take prompt action, as the poor road condition poses a significant problem for road users.

The frequency of accidents along the Sandakan check point road is alarming. He also highlighted the absence of street lighting along the road, which further complicates night driving.

Regarding mile 34, Mr. Chong mentioned that it falls under the maintenance responsibility of the pan borneo contractor.

They have discovered a large water catchment on top of the hill at mile 34, resulting in excessive water flow towards the road.

Mr. Vitus informed them that the contractor is currently constructing an alternative road to facilitate the repair work and relocation of Telekom poles.

However, the contractor is facing difficulties due to the frequent rainfall.

Mr. Chong expressed his disappointment that the road is considered outdated and requires urgent reconstruction, as temporary patching will not effectively resolve the existing issues.

He also emphasized that the sub roads or gravel roads from mile 9 to mile 16 in Sandakan are in poor condition and require immediate attention from JKR or the concessionary to ensure a smoother travel experience for the public.

Both Mr. Chong and Mr. Lam will continue to closely monitor the situation and stay updated with the progress from JKR.

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