New Year Message From Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye

KOTA KINABALU: Dear fellow Malaysians,
As we stand on the threshold of a brand new year, 2024, it is with great excitement and hope that I extend my warmest greetings to all.


This year is not just another year; it marks the beginning of a new era with the advent of our new King, who will assume the throne in January 2024.

Let us welcome our new King with open hearts and embrace this transition as an opportunity to rekindle the spirit of 1957, the year when our nation gained its independence.

It is a time to reflect on the sacrifices made by our forefathers and recommit ourselves to the ideals of unity, freedom, and progress.

One of the pillars of our nation, the Rukun Negara, provides us with a guiding light for our journey ahead. It reminds us of the importance of principles such as belief in God, loyalty to the king and country, upholding the constitution, the rule of law, and mutual respect and morality.

Let us revive these principles and make them a living part of our daily lives.

In our multicultural and diverse society, celebrating unity in diversity is not just a slogan; it’s a way of life.

Embrace the richness of our different cultures, languages, and traditions.

Share the joys of each other’s festivals, savour the flavours of our diverse cuisines, and take pride in our collective rich heritage.

Let our diversity be a source of strength, understanding, and appreciation.

Over the last year, we have had our share of ups and downs.

We have had a prolonged period of sloganeering, politicking, name-calling, upmanship and racism.

Isn’t it time that we now concentrate on our positives, our commonalities, our blessings, and our common future?

As we embark on this new year, let us march ahead as one nation, united in our resolve to reject practices that are exclusionary.

Instead, let us find unity in our shared goals, dreams, and the strength that comes from standing together. It’s a time for us to work hand in hand, regardless of our backgrounds, to build a brighter future for our beloved Malaysia.

Let’s take pride in our various achievements, devoid of race, gender, religion or location.

In 2024, let us write a new chapter in our history, one that demonstrates our commitment to inclusivity, tolerance, and progress.

Together, we can overcome any challenge that comes our way and ensure a better tomorrow for our children and generations to come.

So, my fellow Malaysians, as we bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new one, let’s do so with optimism, unity, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Happy New Year, Malaysia!


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