UPKO is in good hands under Ewon, says Bumburing

PENAMPANG: Former UPKO deputy president Datuk Wilfred Bumburing has expressed optimism that the party will be in good hands under the leadership of Datuk Ewon Benedick.


Having observed the Penampamg MP’s political acumen thus far, he was confident that Ewon would lead the party to new heights.

According to Bumburing, the UPKO president has successfully adjusted their approach to align with the political dynamics of Sabah and maintain their relevance at both the state and federal levels.

“I would say UPKO is in good hands under Ewon, a young leader with good leadership qualities,” he said of Ewon’s political performance so far.

Bumburing said this in his remarks in conjunction with the UPKO Alumni Christmas Reunion here on Wednesday night.

Expressing willingness to support Ewon’s reforms, Bumburing urged UPKO to look inward, move forward, and open their mouths to nurture unity, particularly among Kadazandusun-based parties, including PBS and Star, for the good of the state and the people.

“We want our people to be united again, and we are hopeful we can find common ground to make it a reality,” he said.

Bumburing expressed the worry of the locals, saying, “If we are not careful, we may have a chief minister for Sabah who is descended from illegal immigrants one day.”.

“This is frightening, and of course we don’t want this to happen. That is why we must be united,” he said.

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