Sabah BN and PH “inseparable” amidst hints of a snap election?



KOTA KINABALU: It looks like the bond
between Pakatan Harapan (PH) and Barisan Nasional (BN) is strengthening, particularly at the federal government level, following a year of “marriage” in the political sphere.

As the old saying goes, BN and PH are inseparable.

However, unlike in the Peninsular or at the federal level, the political relations between BN and PH in Sabah at this point are far different.

In Sabah, the state government is led by GRS and PH, while BN seems to be part of the opposition coalition alongside Warisan, KDM, and a number of other parties.

However, in what is seen as a unique situation, at least four assemblymen who were elected on the BN ticket are currently part of the Sabah government.

Many are now curious as to whether Sabah BN and PH will collaborate with one another or with other parties in order to contest the upcoming state election (PRN).

According to book writer and local political analyst Musli Oli, there are two possibilities that will happen ahead of the PRN, which may be held earlier, as the Chief Minister recently hinted.

The first scenario may see BN/PH working together with GRS as a package, and the second scenario is likely for BN/PH to join forces with Warisan, KDM, and other opposition parties to face the PRN.

“I think these two options, either way, will put BN/PH in a dilemma.

“If they opt to work together with GRS, it will certainly cause a problem when it comes to the distribution of seats, and if BN/PH joins Warisan and KDM, it will face the might of the election machinery of GRS as the ruling party,” he told the Jesselton Times.

Musli said Sabah is known for its dynamic and unpredictable political situation, which can change even at the last minute.

“Despite that, I think the leadership of BN and PH at the central level definitely does not want to see, let alone approve, a clash between BN and PH, which is the backbone of the government. On the contrary, they want to strengthen the Unity Government against PN in the next GE,” he stressed.

He added that BN/PH will probably take into account the sentiments of the people first before determining the political direction ahead of the next Sabah PRN.

He said while waiting for the PRN, Sabah BN should stick to the decision of the central BN made on February 23 to support the Sabah Unity government under the leadership of Datuk Seri Hajiji Noor.

Musli said since PH is in the ranks of the Sabah Unity government, BN should also give full support to the existing state government for the sake of continued development, and for the good of the people, thereby realising the vision of “Sabah Maju Jaya”.

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