No need to wait until PRN to implement political cooperation and power sharing: Ewon

PENAMPANG: United Kinabalu Progressive Organisation (UPKO) president Datuk Ewon Benedick said there is no need to wait until the State Election (PRN) to implement political cooperation and power sharing.


Ewon, who is also the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Cooperative Development and Penampang MP, said that power sharing can be implemented as he did in Kadamaian.

“I am not only speaking as an UPKO assemblyman but also representing Pakatan Harapan (PH); without the support of seven PH representatives, the government today will not be formed.

“At the same time, all the positions of customary chiefs such as district chiefs, native chiefs, deputy native chiefs, and village heads, have been notified of their termination, and there is no need to wait until the election. We should discuss the filling of the vacant positions,” he said.

He said this when met by reporters after the 2022 SPM and STPM Outstanding Student Incentive Presentation Ceremony at SM St.Michael’s Hall, Penampang, today.

“I have implemented the power sharing of grassroots leaders in the Kadamaian area; why can’t it be done in other areas?” he said.

He also said that the Chief Minister (Datuk Hajiji Haji Noor) will hold a meeting with all PH MPs in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday, and “of course this will be on the agenda”.

“In my opinion, we need to be realistic. With the vacancy that will occur at the end of this year for the position of leader, it is appropriate to have a formula where all parties that support the state government today should have a place,” he said.

Ewon said that the form of political partnership desired by all parties was discussed when establishing a joint government before.

“This is not a GRS government but a joint GRS and PH government, and it needs to be translated from the cabinet level directly to the grassroots.

“This is UPKO’s position, and I believe this is also Sabah PH’s position, without which there would be no government today,” he said.

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