Village head Jikat Binol Darimbang earns PhD from UMS

Dr Jikat Binol Darimbang (centre) Village Head of Kg. Sinompuru, Jalan Kokol Menggatal


KOTA KINABALU: Village head Dr Jikat Binol Darimbang’s completion of a PhD is a profound achievement, not only for the individual but also for the broader native and indigenous communities of Borneo and beyond.

Dr Darimbang, a prominent native community leader, has successfully demonstrated that higher education and the preservation of culture, tradition, and local knowledge can go hand in hand.

This accomplishment is a source of inspiration and pride for indigenous communities, emphasising the importance of dedication and hard work in both academic and cultural spheres.
It’s worth noting that Dr Darimbang’s academic journey was guided by two accomplished individuals, Professor Dr. Jacqueline Pugh-Kitingan and Associate Professor Dr. Gaim James Lunkapis, who served as their supervisors.

Their support and mentorship played a crucial role in Dr. Darimbang’s academic success, reflecting the collaborative spirit of academia and the importance of nurturing indigenous talent within educational institutions.
Dr. Darimbang’s achievement highlights the challenges faced by indigenous scholars who strive to bridge the gap between formal education and cultural preservation.

Pursuing a PhD while preserving one’s cultural heritage is a multifaceted endeavor, requiring determination and resilience.

Dr Darimbang’s journey serves as a beacon of hope for other indigenous scholars who are navigating similar paths, encouraging them to continue their invaluable work.
Indigenous cultures are repositories of ancient wisdom, ecological knowledge, and unique traditions that enrich our global tapestry.

Dr Darimbang’s success reinforces the idea that higher education can be a tool for empowerment, enabling indigenous scholars to become advocates for their communities and the preservation of their heritage.
In a rapidly globalising world, where indigenous cultures are sometimes at risk of erosion or marginalization, Dr. Darimbang’s accomplishment is a reminder of the enduring value of these traditions.

It encourages indigenous youth to take pride in their heritage and consider the pursuit of advanced education as a means to strengthen their communities.
Furthermore, Dr. Darimbang’s achievement offers academia an opportunity to tap into the wealth of knowledge held within indigenous communities.

This connection between traditional wisdom and modern scholarship can enrich academic discourse and contribute to a more holistic and inclusive educational landscape.
The successful completion of a PhD by Dr. Darimbang is a milestone deserving of celebration. It underscores the importance of creating opportunities and providing support for indigenous scholars, both in terms of education and cultural preservation.

This achievement demonstrates that it is possible to balance the demands of academic rigour with the imperative of safeguarding cultural identities, traditions, and local knowledge.

Ultimately, Dr. Darimbang’s journey is a testament to the resilience, dedication, and the vital role that indigenous leaders play in preserving the heritage of their communities, while simultaneously contributing to the global academic discourse.

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