ANAK NEGERI describes SLA’s legal suit on non payment of 40 % state revenue as mother of alllegal battles

KOTA KINABALU – President of Parti Kerjasama Anak Negeri (ANAK NEGERI), Datuk Henrynus Amin, has described the Sabah Law Society (SLS) legal suit against the State and Federal Governments on the non payment of the 40% state revenue entitlement as the mother of all legal battles and vowed to help SLS fight for the case by raising public awareness and mobilizing public support for the noble cause.


Henrynus said, ANAK NEGERI, a local political party, has intended to file a court case on the state’s 40% revenue entitlement following the recent withdrawal of the case by 12 Sabah PH leaders.

However, after consulting the SLS Chairman Datuk Roger Chin and two other SLS senior lawyers on the matter today, Henrynus agreed not to pursue the legal option after getting the briefing and firm assurances that the SLS suit is solid, covers most of the issues on the 40% claims and will proceed as scheduled.

ANAK NEGERI, he said, will instead help SLS to raise public awareness and mobilize public support for the case in all the 22 districts in Sabah.

Henrynus noted that following the withdrawal of the legal suit by 12 Sabah PH leaders, Sabahans now can only rely on the SLS legal suit to fight for the state’s 40% revenue entitlement in court.

Also present during the meeting with SLS was Daniel Jambun, a local activist who heads an NGO dedicated to fight for indigenous rights.

Henrynus and Daniel have agreed to work together with other like minded political parties and NGOs in support of SLS by conducting a public awareness campaign on the 40% state revenue entitlement issue.

Henrynus agreed with Dr David Fung, one of the SLS lawyers who undertook the 40% state revenue entitlement case, that the fulfillment of the 40% state revenue entitlement is a very crucial component of the Malaysia Agreement which is a state constitutional right.

“We must not lose our 40% state revenue entitlement,” said Henrynus in echoing remarks by Dr David Fung who felt very strongly about the state constitutional rights on finance.

Henrynus therefore urged all Sabahans not to lose sight of the significance of the 40% state revenue entitlement, and not to take matter lightly, as the relevant laws on Sabah’s 40% financial entitlement were written into the Federal Constitution due to the wisdom and far sightedness of Sabah’s independence forefathers.

“We are thankful to SLS for taking legal action against the State and Federal government for non compliance and non payment of the money due to Sabah based on the 40% formula.”

Henrynus said the SLS legal suit seeks a judicial review of the 40% entitlement and calls for Federal compliance of the relevant laws under Article 112C and Part IV, Section 1(2) of the Tenth Sechedule of the FC.

While ANAK NEGERI welcomes repeated assurances by the Sabah state leaders that they are still committed in pursuing the 40% state revenue entitlement, Henrynus said the Party demands and expects tangible actions by the Sabah state government, not just verbal assurances or statements in the press.

Sabahans no longer accept mere verbal promises by the State or Federal leaders which Henrynus described as mere thunder in the sky but no rain for the last 60 years.

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