12 PH representatives are not sincere in fighting for the rights of Sabah under MA63 – Bersatu

Media statement by Ketua Srikandi Muda Bersatu Sabah Nabila Norsahar


KOTA KINABALU: I refer to the act of 12 elected representatives from Pakatan Harapan (PH) Sabah who withdrew their originating summons (OS) against the federal government and the Sabah state government in the High Court of Sabah and Sarawak on 20th of September 2023 regarding the 40% of the State’s revenue.

While I understand that any plaintiff in a civil case has the right to withdraw his or her court case, the 12’s elected representative’s reasons to withdraw the OS indicates that they are not sincere in fighting the rights of Sabah under MA63. I believe this is rhetoric act from them when they withdrew the summons because presently, they are in the government in the federal and state level. Reported in November 2022, these leaders had stated that they will not withdraw this summon even though the coalition had successfully formed in General Election – 15 (GE15).

They said that Putrajaya had made progress as two of the three declarations they sought had been agreed to and would be implemented soon, and the remaining issue is the declaration for Sabah to receive special grants amounting to two-fifths (the 40% formula) of the federation’s net revenue derived from the state. If this is the reason for the withdrawal, it is a mere speculation and hope. It is still premature to conclude that those declarations will be realised fully by the Federal government.

It is true that they can refile the OS if the Federal government fails to deliver its promises about the declarations. But why don’t they just proceed with it and settle it once and for all? PH Sabah should have let the High Court to decide on the merit of the OS if they are sincere in fighting for the rights of Sabah.

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