Umno members told to strengthen solidarity ahead of “big political war” in the next Sabah election – Siti Aminah

KOTA KINABALU: UMNO Supreme Council member Datuk Siti Aminah Haji Aching has called on party members, including at the divisional and grassroots levels, to strengthen solidarity in preparation for the “big political war” in the upcoming Sabah state election.


She said the unity of party members is vital to ensuring the party continues to be strong as well as its survival.

“This is because the party will face an even bigger battle, a crucial one, which is the upcoming 16th General Election,” she said in a statement.

Siti Aminah, who is also the Deputy Minister of Plantation and Commodities, said UMNO’s preparedness in facing GE-16 is more important; ‘that is why in UMNO there needs to be strong and united in all ranks of the party leadership’.

“We will face a challenging general election soon in Sabah, so the task of party members is not only to provide ‘spirit’ and enthusiasm but also needs to be filled with tactical actions that can guarantee victory,” she said.

Therefore, Siti Aminah urged party members to stop pointing fingers at each other and not to respond to any pressure that demanded the UMNO president resign, most of which came from outsiders from the party (UMNO).

“The time has come for us to cling back, see weaknesses or mistakes, improve strategies, and apply effective approaches to ensure Umno returns to its former glory,” said Siti Aminah.

Umno Sabah has officially been granted more autonomy from central Umno when it can now determine its own direction after a proposal on the matter was passed in a special meeting in conjunction with Umno General Assembly 2019.

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