Ebit Liew trial – Witness says she did not analyse all screenshots

TENOM: The Magistrate’s Court here on Thursday was told by a witness that she did not analyse all the screenshots obtained from the mobile phone of a female complainant in the case of preacher Ebit Irawan Ibrahim Lew or better known as Ebit Lew.
Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) audio-video senior analyst Latifah Abdul Aziz, 43, said there were 436 screenshots of WhatsApp conversations between the complainant and the accused believed to contain obscene elements obtained from the mobile phone.
Ram: Would you agree that you selected 436 picture images from 156,789 items recovered from (handphone)?
Latifah: Agree
The seventh prosecution witness told lawyer Ram Singh before Magistrate Nur Asyraf Zolhani the remaining images were not related to the application of the investigating officer in the case.
She said she used the software at PDRM’s forensic laboratory to extract all the data from the case exhibit before conducting an observational analysis as per the application of the investigating officer.
Ebit Lew, 37, faces 11 charges, including insulting the modesty of a woman in her 40s by sending obscene words and pictures to the victim’s phone number via the WhatsApp application between March and June 2021.
The charge under Section 509 of the Penal Code provides for a prison sentence of up to five years or a fine or both, upon conviction.
The trial continues on Friday.


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