SAFA in danger of being suspended ?

KOTA KINABALU: The recent annual congress of the Sabah Football Association (Safa) has sparked controversy over alleged violations of the association’s rules and is currently being investigated by the registrar of the sports association. 


It follows an official objection submitted by five members of Safa’s supreme council (AMT) before the congress was held.

It is understood the Sabah Sports Commissioner (PJS) is currently conducting an investigation related to the objections.

The agency took note of the complaint from former Safa AMTs who lodged a formal appeal.

The PJS office is said to be analysing the complaints and data reports from the Sabah football association.

Several Safa affiliates welcomed the investigation to ensure that the leadership in the association is respected by all parties.

“Safa is an association that needs to be managed with dignity in accordance with its status as the number one sports association in Sabah,” they claimed.

In fact, the Safa affiliates’ members oppose any behaviors or actions that are more likely to advance personal goals than efforts to raise the standard of football.

Some question why so many high-ranking politicians are suddenly interested in running sports associations.

“This is a big question mark, isn’t their leadership very much needed in the government to provide better services to the people. But why are they suddenly eager to get involved in the association…
What do they really want from Safa,” asked Safa affiliate leader.

In the meantime, former Sabah soccer players also welcomed the investigation conducted by PJS.

“This is a good thing because they can see what is happening in a sports association and correct it if the association violates the constitution

“We will wait and see the progress of the investigation,” they insisted.

Regarding Safa’s immediate sacking of workers, a former player, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said it was “extreme” because among those involved were football legends who contributed and sacrificed a lot to the sport of football in Sabah.

“If you want to terminate, do it according to the rules,” he explained.

Safa’s new leadership which has not yet been officially confirmed by PJS, should not act hastily as it could put the association in trouble, including suspension.

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