Goh: Dragon boat racing is worth promoting, as it helps promote national unity

KOTA KINABALU: Dragon boat racing is a cultural and recreational sport which could promote racial harmony and national unity, hence it is worth promoting, said Tan Sri T.C Goh, President of The Federation of Chinese Associations Sabah (FCAS).


He said, dragon boat racing, whether it is organised by FCAS or the other Chinese organisations like the Federation of Chinese Associations Tawau (FCAT), it is not only good for promoting Chinese tradition and culture, but also plays a significant role of promoting integration and unity among Malaysians of various races.

On behalf of FCAS, he thus expressed his full support for FCAT, for resuming its 36th dragon boat race.

Goh who is also President of The Federation of Chinese Associations Malaysia (Huazong) said this during the courtesy call by the delegation of FCAT leaders led by its President, Kol. Datuk Dr Lim Teck Kiong, at the FCAS secretariat here, on Wednesday. Also in attendance were FCAT’s Life Honorary President, Datuk Soon Then Fook, its Deputy PresidentVoo Tshin Nyen, Vice President Koh Teck Kiang and committee members Tong Yun Fah、Chong Shu Vun and Chong Chee Ping; FCAS Vice Presidents Kapitan Fung Chun Fatt, Kapitan Lim Vun Chan, Chang Jeng Yung, and Treasurer-general Chen Ee Sheng.

In his briefing, Dr Lim explained that due to Covid-19 pandemic, FCAT had to temporarily suspend the hosting of its annual dragon boat race in 2020. However, following the recovery, post pandemic, FCAT has decided to resume hosting the said event, at the Sabindo Beach, in Tawau, on 11 June, at 8am. FCAT has also set up the organising committee headed by Henry Wong Chen Khiong to undertake the preparation work, which is currently ongoing.

Disclosing that some of its dragon boats are in dilapidated condition, Dr Lim thus hoped Goh and FCAS could lend 6 dragon boats to FCAT, so that it could proceed to organize the said race smoothly, as scheduled.

Without any hesitation, Goh accepted Dr Lim’s request on the spot, and agreed to lend six dragon boats to FCAT.

Goh also commended FCAT for its dedication and continuous effort in promoting Chinese culture and tradition, including hosting of the annual dragon boat race. FCAT also participated in the International Dragon Boat Race hosted by FCAS, last July, in which FCAT contingent also brought glory to Tawau by winning the third place in the ‘800-meter mixed group category’.

During the exchange session, both Goh and Dr Lim concurred that the main objective of organising the dragon boat race is to promote Chinese culture, and cultural recreational sports which promote physical and mental fitness, besides promoting integration and unity among Malaysians of different races and cultural background.

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