Getting quick responses, information main challenges facing Sabah journalists – SJA

KOTA KINABALU: Getting quick responses and information from the authorities on breaking news are the main challenges facing journalists in the state, said Sabah Journalists Association (SJA) president Datuk Muguntan Vanar.
He said that as an ethical journalist, it is important to obtain official information confirmed by the authorities before publishing it in their respective media agencies.
“There is breaking news that has gone viral on social media but we cannot make a report because we need valid information, therefore we hope the authorities can help us by providing a quick response when journalists request for information,” he told Bernama.
Regarding the issue of fake news, he said the issue is something that happens often and has spread quite a lot lately, whether intentionally or not.
Therefore, he said that as a journalist, especially in the mainstream media, it is important to check the facts with relevant authorities first.
We believe that a majority of the mainstream media are a responsible lot and follow the ethical principles of journalism. Indeed, social media and digital media have changed the way organisations or news agencies deliver news to the public.
“No matter what, we must follow the rules of journalism and ethics in our writing to ensure that we continue to convey fair and balanced news to the public. That is why people still check the facts through the mainstream media,” he said.
Muguntan said the field of journalism has always been challenging because journalists need to ensure that the reports made are fair, accurate and balanced, in addition to meeting the needs of the readers.
“Journalism in Sabah remains active because we have to cover all kinds of issues from natural disasters and security to politics. All these are challenges that will help produce quality and versatile journalists,” he said.


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