Lau : Do not repeat past mistakes of voting for Opposition

SANDAKAN: The people of Sandakan have been advised not to repeat the past mistakes of voting for the Opposition.
Our beloved town should not fall into the hands of the Opposition anymore because we desperately need to execute our economic development plan, which will be faster and more effective if its elected representative is part of the government.


Gabungan Rakyat Sabah (GSR) candidate for P 186 Sandakan Lau Chi Keong @ Thomas Lau said during his walkabout programme at the Sandakan Central Market and Sunday weekly tamu in town.

“I will have the advantage of being in GRS, the Sabah government if I represent Sandakan; I will be able to do a lot more effectively and efficiently than the opposition,” Lau said.

It was evident that our economy became stagnant during the years when the Sandakan parliamentary seat was held by the opposition, he added.

Lau said the feedback he received from the public during his walkabout was encouraging with many of them responded positively, saying that they are supporters of GRS Chairman Datuk Seri Panglima Hajiji Noor.

Speaking at the walkabout at Kim Fung Night Market on Saturday, Lau who is also SAPP vice president, said developing the economy through the three existing resources will be top of his agendas if he is given the mandate by Sandakan voters on Nov 19.

“If managed properly, Sandakan’s palm oil, tourism, and agriculture and fisheries industries can attract more investments which will put our economy back on track, to create more value-added and downstream products to be marketed in Asia region,” Lau said.

Lau opined that economic growth and development will be beneficial to the Sandakan in terms of public facilities and infrastructure (development), creating a better living standard for the people.

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