Relax while enjoying the majestic view of Kota Belud “rice bowl” – Peranauan Inn d’Sangkir

KOTA BELUD:Against the backdrop of the village atmosphere and farmer’s activities, the main attraction for domestic and foreign tourists is a real life in the countryside.


As the saying goes, seeing is believing, tourists or visitors who desire to relax while enjoying the beauty of paddy fields — Peranauan Inn d’Sangkir is a choice destination.

Peranauan Inn d’Sangkir is one of the popular eco-tourism attractions in Kota Belud.

Peranauan Inn d’Sangkir in Tempasuk is located not far from the town of Kota Belud which is also known as the ‘Land of the Cowboys of the East’.

Village activities are the main activity for tourists who aspire to experience life as a farmer at Peranauan Inn d’Sangkir.

Migratory birds of various species and colors can also be seen in several locations in Kg Sangkir, in certain months adding to the beautiful panorama of enchanting nature.

Photography enthusiasts often come to take pictures of birds and also the view of paddy fields.

Peranauan Inn d’Sangkir Manager Farah Dayana Dato Baharul said among the facilities available at Peranauan Inn d’Sangkir is a mini hall suitable for weddings or banquets, restaurant and guest rooms.

He said there are more than 20 rooms available to visitors at prices as low as RM125 to RM145 per night.

“The price varies according to the size of the room and the equipment available in each room,” said Farah Dayana.

It would be a loss if you travel to Kota Belud if you don’t taste the village cuisine.

Via Peranauan Inn d’Sangkir, ptourists also have the opportunity to enjoy village cuisine including kuih pinjaram.

Peranauan Inn d’Sangkir is not only offered or available to individuals or families but is open to any organisation that holds activities.

For those who wish to book or have enquiries can call or WhatsApp —

Kota Belud is located in the northern part of Sabah, about 77 kilometre from Kota Kinabalu city.

In 2010, the total population of Kota Belud district was estimated at 91,272, most of them from the largest tribes, namely Bajau, Dusun and Irranun.

There is also a Chinese minority, especially from the Hakka tribe.

Kota Belud is also a background place to savour the scenic view of Mount Kinabalu – the highest mountain in Southeast Asia.

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