PDA was a big mistake, Harris and Pairin should come forward and clarify


Joint statement by Kadamaian state Assemblyman Datuk Ewon Benedick and Luyang state assemblyman Phoong Jin Zhe


KOTA KINABALU: Two former Chief Ministers of Sabah, Tan Sri Harris Salleh and Tan Sri Pairin Kitingan have made it into front page news their statements on illegal immigrants issue in Sabah.

What about the Petroleum Development Act? Both Harris and Pairin were signatories to the Petronas Agreement, which was a big mistake as Sabah forever lost its authority over oil and gas resources.

Because of this mistake, Sabah until today is facing poor road network, problematic water and electricity supply, lacking of healthcare and education facilities as well as other social aminities especially in the rural areas.

As the Chief Minister and Minister who signed the Petronas Agreement, we urge and challenge both Harris and Pairin to come forward and clarify why they made the decision.

Until now, they have never issue any statement or explanation on their decision related to PDA. They will be remembered for this mistake which cannot be forgiven by the people of Sabah.

As a new generation of Wakil Rakyat, we take it as a lesson. Hopefully the current and future Goverment of Sabah will not repeat such mistake.

Instead, we must defend our remaining rights and continue to demand the fulfilment of our rights as enshrined in the Malaysian Agreement 1963. That is why both of us, together with several other ADUN and Member of Parliament, have filed Originating Summon at High Court to demand the fulfilment to 40% federal revenue in Sabah as in the Article 112 of the Federal Constitution.

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