Sabah Credit Corporation opens a customer centre in Sook

SOOK: People in Sook, Tulid and Nabawan, as well as the surrounding areas, now no longer have to travel far when dealing with Sabah Credit Corporation (SCC) with the opening of SCC Customer Centre Sook which starts operating at Pekan Baru Sook here today.


Officiating the launch of the SCC Customer Centre Sook, State Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Ellron Angin said the opening of this customer centre can definitely help existing SCC customers and those who need assistance in the form of financial loan facilities through the various products and services provided or welfare through its corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme without the need to travel far to Keningau town.

“I am very proud and grateful that SCC has accepted my suggestion to open a SCC Customer Centre in Sook.

“I hope the presence of this customer centre will help increase and accelerate the socio-economic development in this sub-district, especially for the residents and those living in surrounding areas.

“The opening of this customer centre is a facility for the people, especially in the rural areas as aspired in the Sabah Maju Jaya Development Plan (SMJ) launched by Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Hajiji Haji Noor, which also emphasises human capital and the wellbeing of the people as one of its main thrusts.

“Therefore, the Government through SCC will ensure that the wellbeing of the people will be preserved in order to produce successful human capital,” said Ellron, who is also Sook Assemblyman. His speech was read by Tulid Assemblywoman Flovia Ng who is also Assistant Community Development and People’s Wellbeing Minister.

The handing over of welfare projects funded through the SCC’s CSR programme was also held during the same event, involving projects implemented in Nabawan, Sook and Tulid, as well as the presentation of school bags and writing materials to students from several schools in the area.

“As Sook Assemblyman and on behalf of the other elected representatives concerned, I would like to thank SCC for being caring toward the community in these areas.

“As an elected representative and State Cabinet Minister, I am very proud to have a State Government agency like SCC that is truly sincere, diligent and committed in performing its duties and responsibilities, in line with its slogan of ‘Professional, Caring and Courteous’.
“I hope everyone who receives donations will be grateful and make best use of the facilities that have been provided,” said Ellron.

He also congratulated SCC on its achievements for the Financial Year 2021 and hoped that the agency will continue to achieve continuous success and improve its performance every year so it can continue to help develop the State.

Apart from that, he also urged the people, especially in Sook, Tulid, Nabawan and the surrounding areas to continue to subscribe and support SCC as the agency has contributed to the State continuously for the past 67 years.

“SCC is one of the pride of the State Government which is well-governed, efficient, transparent and professional by the management and staff who are all Sabahans,” he said.

SCC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) George Taitim Tulas, who was also present, said the opening of the SCC Customer Centre in Sook reflects another success of SCC in bringing its services to the doorstep of the community here and the surrounding areas.

He said the Sook Customer Centre is one of the seven SCC Customer Centres in Sabah which was opened to further expand the SCC services and operations to provide quality service delivery to the people of Sabah.

“Besides that, SCC also has 13 other District Customer Centres located in several districts in Sabah. This is in line with the SCC vision to further improve the socio-economic status of Sabah, which is also in line with the enabler of SMJ through the effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery and governance.

“We at SCC hope that the opening of this Customer Centre in Sook can benefit the community in Sook, Tulid and all nearby communities,” he said.

Touching on the SCC welfare projects, George said to date, SCC has contributed RM62.5 million from its annual profit to fund 400 welfare projects throughout the state, involving the construction of rural hostels, open halls, classrooms, medical equipment, resource centres, kindergartens, orphanages, boarding houses and so on involving women, children, and people with disabilities (OKU).

He said for Sook, SCC had contributed eight CSR projects worth RM1.8 million, while in Tulid there were four projects worth RM571,000 and Nabawan, 18 projects worth RM5 million.

“Today, we are very proud to be able to hand over four more CSR projects that have been completed in the Sook and Nabawan sub-districts, namely the Rural Hostel of SK Lanas, Sook, the Community Multipurpose Hall of Kg Binakaan, Sook, the Community Multipurpose Hall of Kg Karamatoi, Sook, and the Rural Hostel of SK Layon, Nabawan,” he said.

Also held was a presentation of a conditional contribution offer for a project, Community Multipurpose Hall of Kg Kiulu Baru, Tulid.

SCC also contributed a total of 458 units of school bags and writing materials to pupils of SK Malima, SK Binuwou Tengah, SK Binakaan, SK Sinulihan, SK Simbuan, SK Sinaron Tengah, SK Lanas, SK Delayan Tulid, SK Nandangan and SK Layon.

George also thanked Sook Assistant District Officer Paul Isidore for his cooperation in making the event a success.

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