KKIP Aerospace Training Centre Aims To Produce Future Scientist In Nano Lighting Technology

KOTA KINABALU: KKIP Aerospace Training Centre (KATC) is diversifying its training offerings by introducing NANO lighting technology and urban farming syllabus with the aim to produce future inventors and young scientists in Sabah.
Its Chief Executive Officer, Ts. Aminuddin Zakaria said, “it is about training in science, technology and innovation. Our vision to become Aerospace Technological Company in 2026 and led by Sabahan are still the true north with the objective to expose Sabahan to latest technology and know-how on energy management for climate change and food security for urban farming using NANO technology”. This initiative is to support Sabah government in promoting Science Technology & Innovations (STI) towards becoming a high technology nation.
Today, KATC signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Quantum Nano Engineering Sdn. Bhd. at KKIP Aerospace Training Centre facility in Sepanggar. It was witnessed by Assistance Minister of Industrial Development Sabah, YB Tuan Tamin Bin Haji Zainal.
Aminuddin said, KATC and Quantum Nano Engineering Sdn. Bhd. will explore into five areas the opportunities ie. NANO lighting and urban farming training, cost reduction initiative thru energy management/conservation, promoter to greenhouse technology to reduce carbon foot-print, NANO research technology centre and manufacturing plant for domestic and international supply chain markets.
According to Eddie Yeoh, Technical Director cum Inventor of Quantum Nano, “this strategic partnership will help create awareness and platform for young Sabahan to share ideas and new inventions towards green technology. We strive to play our part in making our Mother Earth greener and grow safe healthy food for human well-being”.
KATC hope its initiative and motivation to build a strong Science, Technology & Innovations (STI) foundation in Sabah and could then offer high income job opportunities to Sabahan in the future.


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