Johor State Election – A Final Reminder for Opposition to Unite or Sayonara GE15

By Political Analyst Mohd Ustar Abdul Ghani


KOTA KINABALU: A comfortable and resounding win translated into 40 seats or was it an enigmatic split votes which saw Barisan Nasional emerging the outright winner in a first past the post analogy.

A tussle within the corridors of power ensuing in the presuppositions of many “ifs” and “buts”. It would have been a different outcome “if” the oppositions had consolidated their effort “but” they chose to fight their own battle neglecting what transpired in Melaka leaving Barisan Nasional the sole victor.

Some might argue that the Johor state election would have reaped a starkingly different result and rightfully so.

There were at least 21 seats that could have yield different results if the oppositions were at least united but the egos were just too big to dream a consensus.

Never mind the statistics but the win was never resolute. It is a big wonder how a party attracting only 599,753 votes out of 1,426,573 votes casted could have become king of the hill.

Persumably the 1,173,224 voters who never voted must have been frustrated and a sign of protest for risking the lives of voters in an ongoing pandemic.

Going by popular votes it seems that the 43.11% would not be so popular after all but popular votes is not a reflection of Malaysian political system.

There are 2,599,797 registered voters in Johor and if anything winning with 599,753 votes speaks volumes.

It will be another 2 years before we are once again dragged to the polls.

The recent call by UPKO to strongly consider a consolidated opposition alliance must be considered in the light of what transpired in Johor.

A fragmented opposition will not deliver the aspirations of the electorates. Nothing is impossible in politics and so it goes it is not impossible that the coming 15th general election would yield a result that would fulfill the wishes and aspirations of the voters.

Unison is what is often lost in the opposition.

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