Referendum is the best way to make decisions on “Foreigner Card” in Sabah – Social Activist

KOTA KINABALU: Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan’s contention that the Foreigner’s Card should not be equated to the rejected PSS is mere eloquence.


Social Activist Mohd Ustar Abdul Ghani opined that the contemplated Foreigner’s Card much like IMM13 and Kad Burung Burung would allow the prolonged stay of these immigrants in the State.

“Malaysia being a country observing the principles of Jus Sanguinis and Jus Soli as a legal means to grant citizenship would eventually be forced by law to accept these immigrants as citizens.

“A prolonged stay would afford naturalisation and being born in Malaysia would certainly afford citizenship through Jus Soli, being “Son of the Soil”,” he said today.

Mohd Ustar was asked to comment on the recent statement by Jeffrey on the matter.

Jeffrey was quoted as saying that the newly-formed Sabah special committee on undocumented foreign workers and foreign nationals, of which he is the chairman, had not decided on the best method to address the migrants’ issue in the state.

Jeffrey had also brushed aside accusations that the state government is proposing to issue identity cards to foreigners similar to the previously rejected Sabah temporary pass (PSS).

Mohd Ustar contended that consenting the stay of these immigrants through the Foreigner’s Card would afford a “licence” equal to that of Sabahans thus opening floodgates for more influx of illegal immigrants which will give rise to myriad ramifications.

“Politicians should not dictate policies or precedences suggestive that of federal leaders who lack understanding of the local sentiments and local problems.

“A referendum is best held to identify the wishes of Sabahans or otherwise the full execution of S. 6 of the Immigration Act 1959/63 without recourse to S. 55 of the same Act would be a better resolve,” he said.

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