STAR Kapayan fully supports the call to end the Philippine claim against Sabah

KOTA KINABALU: The Homeland Solidarity Party (STAR) Kapayan fully supports Zamboanga City Congressman candidate Atty Wendell Sotto’s call for the Philippine government to halt claims against Sabah but instead focus on establishing a Philippine center or embassy to look after documentation’s issues among their citizens here.

Star Kapayan Division head Jafery Jomion said, any Filipino working either in this country or abroad should give their support by voting for Atty Wendell as the new member of Congress so that his plan for the welfare of his citizens can be implemented apart from providing benefits to both countries, including economically.

“Good international relations can also be maintained, like Indonesians, problems such as crime are relatively less because they have a Consulate here.

“If we look at the records through reports we read or hear in newspapers, most criminal cases, robberies involved undocumented Filipinos, those with documents are not involved in such crimes because both the Philippine and Malaysian governments hold records of their whereabouts, moreover they are easily monitored by their employers,” he said in a statement here today.

He was commenting on a press report on Atty Wendell’s suggestion that the Philippine government should stop the claim against Sabah.

Jafery had previously asked the Philippine government to come forward to help 145 of its undocumented citizens who were victims of a fire in Kampung Mogoputi a few weeks ago.

“We as political party leaders in Malaysia should be grateful and fully support Atty Wendell’s opinion and suggestions for his courage to speak out with the Philippine government so that the problems faced by both countries could be immediately resolved,” he said.

He added that Atty Wendell’s proposal required approval from the Philippine government and it would probably take a long time, therefore, his side was ready to help by providing office space for free to Philippine Embassy Officials or agencies to come and help their citizens with passport problems.

“With that, this will make it easier for their citizens to solve their issues, without having to travel to the Philippine Embassy in Kuala Lumpur or without having to return to their country of origin, not only it is hard because of financial constraints but also looking at the rising trend of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“In this regard, I on behalf of the Kapayan Divisional Committee Members would like to wish Atty Wendell Satto the best of luck and wish that he could be the new member of congress and becomes the first leader of the Philippine government to put a stop to the Philippine claims and be the first one as to establish a Philippine Embassy in Sabah, “he said.

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