ESSCom updates wanted list of kidnap for ransom cases

LAHAD DATU: The Eastern Sabah Security Command (ESSCom) has released the latest list of 20 Filipino nationals wanted for their involvement in kidnapping for ransom in the waters of the Eastern Sabah Security Zone (ESSZone).
ESSCom Commander DCP Hamzah Ahmad said the updated list, which includes a new entry, Majdid Said @ Ammah Pattit, who is the most senior leader of Daulah Islamiyah (Islamic State) network in Sulu, has been the Abu Sayyaf Sulu Group commander replacing his predecessor Hatib Hajan Sawadjaan.
The remaining suspects, among others, are Mudzrimar @ Mundi Sawadjaan, who is a senior leader in the Abu Sayyaf group, bomb-making expert and suicide-bomb attack planner for several incidents in Jolo, Philippines last year, he said in a statement today.
Other suspects are Ahadin Hussien, Ellam Sajirin @ Nasirin, and Ismurah Jirah, who acts as keepers and were involved in kidnapping cases in Tambisan waters, Tungku near here.
Hamzah said the other 15 individuals who remain on the wanted list are Salip Mura, Al Munjir Yadah, Ben Tatoh Quirino, Basaron Ahok, Mujimar Sawadjaan @ Rasad, Marajan @ Manajan Asiri, Jul Aksan Abdurajan @ Halimaw, Jul @ Jun Hasan, Barak Undog @ Alvin, Hamsan Pakkan @ Black Cobra, Sabri Madrasul @ Salip Jul, Hadji Wahad @ Talip, Tampi @ Bunju, Haibin Mubin @ Apo Kuhambo and Sangbas Parisko.
He added that ESSCom will enhance its special intgreated land and sea operations to trace criminals, eradicate cross-border crimes in the ESSZone and those who threaten national security.
Anyone with information on the individuals on the wanted list can contact the ESSCom operations room at 089-863181 or send a WhatsApp message to 011-63311072.

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