En Bloc Resignation of PCS Supreme Council Members

KOTA KINABALU – Several Parti Cinta Sabah (PCS) Supreme Council (SC) Members elected during the Party’s Biennial General Assembly held in July 2020 declared their resignation en bloc from the the Party today.
They were led by Datuk Ewon Ebin (elected Vice President/ Ranau) and followed by Amru Abdul Kadir (elected Vice President / Paginatan), Datuk Kalakau Untol (elected SC Member / Sulaman), Datuk Herman Tiongsoh (elected SC Member cum Coordinator / Head of Kuala Penyu Division), Datuk Norbert Chin Chuan Siong (elected SC Member cum Coordinator / Head of Kawang Division), Denis Gimpah (elected SC Member cum Deputy Coordinator of Tamparuli Division) and Petrus Francis Guriting (nominated Deputy Secretary General / Tambunan).
This mass resignation was joined by the former PCS Supreme Councillors (2018-2020), including the former Divisional Coordinators / Leaders and the Central Committees of both the Women and Youths wings of the party.
Datuk Ewon Ebin said they had been under pressure from party members and grassroot supporters as to the direction of the party.
PCS had faired badly during the recent Sabah State Elections. Since then, there had been no communications and party meetings among the current supreme council members, divisional committees and Youths and Women wings of the party.
The party divisions were supposed to be reorganised from the State Constituency level to Parliamentary level as decided and approved during the Biennial General Meeting last year, but it was not implemented rendering the party having no divisions and direction.
Additionally, new-membership forms were not processed. The party had no activities to communicate with the members and grassroot supporters at the divisional level.
The party administration is therefore disorganised and lack communications and proper direction.
As a result of such dissatisfaction and frustration, several former PCS Supreme Council Members, Divisional Heads and ordinary members had resigned from the party earlier to join other parties.
Among the former PCS Supreme Council Members and Divisional Coordinators / Heads (2018-2020) included in this en bloc resignation are Alfred Tay Jin Kiong (Vice President / Kemabong), Ricky Ganang (Vice President / Sindumin), Herman J. Mianus (Vice President / Pantai Manis), Edward Podok (Vice President / Kuamut), Mail Balinu (Vice President / Kadamaian), Soguli Olid (Treasurer General / Sulaman), James Stephen Dionysius (Deputy Secretary General / Bingkor), Damian Marcus Podtung (Information Chief / Tambunan), Robert Sopining (Organising Secretary / Inanam), Peter Daholok Sunpunadou (SC / Bengkoka), Loungkin Gimpoton (SC / Kadamaian), James Malik Kandu (SC / Sulaman), Jeibi Sakunir (SC / Kiulu), Elbert Sikuil (SC / Limbahau), Rosjelen Salimat (SC / Membakut), Gitin Somboting (SC / Kundasang), Bruno Andau Yasun (SC / Karanaan), and James Leong (SC / Bingkor). The block resignition from the former PCS Central Women Committee was led by Julita Gitom (Deputy Treasurer General cum Deputy Chairperson) along with Pamela Rainah Ambang (Vice Chairperson), Emily Ontol (Vice Chairperson), Rosmah Monsogit (Exco), Meklina Dusim (Exco) and Valerie Dumbong (Exco).
Likewise, the former Central Youths Committee’s resignation was led by Shalmon Sanangan (Vice President / Chairman) together with Harold Untol (Exco) and Mohd. Hadzrul Masnin (Exco) and Mohd. Noorkidin Saiman (Exco). Former PCS candidates Alphonsus Felix Manjin (Bingkor) and Andy Villson (Tandek) also joined the group. More party members from the various party divisions are also expected to resign soon.

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