Don’t Trivialize Fake Vaccination Issue By Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye

KOTA KINABALU: The question of fake vaccinations is upon us again. Yet another video is making its rounds in social media about a young lady administering a fake jab on an unsuspecting recipient.


It is a moot point whether the video is genuine or fake. This video will cause concern among the rakyat and lead to a lack of confidence in the vaccination process.

It will create doubts in the millions who have been vaccinated as to whether their jabs were genuine or not. The next question is whether they should now go for further medical tests to check on their antibody levels

Either way, the result of the circulation of this video is bound to create unease. Although a police report was made and action taken regarding the latest incident it is of utmost importance for the authorities to reassure the public that such incident will not recur.

To do that, the authorities must release the results of their investigation into previous allegations of fake vaccines that made their first appearance many months ago.

We have repeatedly asked that the results of the investigation be communicated to boost public confidence in the process.

Sadly, however, the results of such investigation, if any, have not been publicized.

And so, when more videos of this nature are circulated, public confidence In the vaccination process will be undermined with its concomitant consequences.

The public will then begin to play the blame game and the favourite targets will be the authorities for what they may deem as negligence to ensure integrity and honesty of the people and the processes involved.

For those who deliver empty jabs, it is indeed a criminal and treacherous act that must be severely dealt with.

These acts should not be swept under the carpet. Otherwise, there will be undesirable consequences and the responsibility will lie with the authorities.

So far, the Ministry of Health and those involved have done praise-worthy and commendable work. It must take every action now to ensure its reputation is not sullied by the acts of irresponsible people.

The miscreants must be severely punished. They must not be dismissed with a warning but must be punished commensurate with the offence committed.

Although these may be isolated cases, they are serious enough to affect public confidence in our immunization exercise and smear the good work done by the Ministry so far.

It is crucial that the authorities do not trivialize this matter by saying that these incidents were the result of work fatigue.

This incident is yet another body blow to perceptions of Government integrity which should quickly be corrected by timely and complete communication regarding the results of its investigation into this despicable crime.

Let’s not wait for another similar video to make its rounds before the authorities respond. Restoring confidence in the vaccination process cannot wait, should not be compromised, and should be given the highest priority


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