Hajiji – A Sabah’s Rights Fighter In the Making


KOTA KINABALU: Humble, Amiable, simple and a down to earth leader.
But, in reality, he is a true fighter who champions the rights of Sabahans, irrespective of religion and race.

Straight away, he said “No to the proposed bills on Control and Restrictions on the Expansion of non-Islam Religions as one of the four new Shariah bills”.

That was the reaction given by Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Hajiji Noor yesterday on the proposed bill.

The assurance comes as a great relief to the Sabah people of many cultures and religions
who have lived in peace and harmony all this while.

Hajiji asserted that the state government holds firmly to the principle of religious freedom as declared in the Federal Constitution and the Malaysian Agreement 1963.

“This is the kind of leader we want…very firm when comes to protecting the interests of Sabahans..Hajiji is the darling of the people,” said social activist Clarence Sinsua of Hajiji’s leadership.

Clarence, who hails from Penampang, said the statement made by Hajiji should not be a surprise to any Sabahan who know the social cultural and harmonious relationship between the various races in Sabah since the beginning.

“We must not only maintain the customs and traditions of our *Nenek moyang* but defend such gold standard in living happily in diversity.

“The diversity in the race and religious spectrum is actually the reason why foreign tourists saw for themselves in the uniqueness of the Sabahans.

“It is for that reason why so many outsiders want to be part of Sabah and many have settled down doing business and starting a family,” he said.

He said Sabah leaders are well aware of the sensitivities of Sabahans and to introduce any unpopular bill in parliament will only invite ire and mistrust towards the federal government.

“It is pertinent to ask the proposer what is it that he is so zealous in introducing a bill that is in conflict with the Federal Constitution, freedom of worship,” Clarence said.

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