Find and reveal the source of the Covid-19 virus

By SAPP President Datuk Yong Teck Lee


KOTA KINABALU: The World Health Organisation, being the global authority on public health, has a duty to humankind to thoroughly investigate the origins of the Covid-19 virus so that any future pandemic can be tackled at its origin. Malaysia, being a full member of the WHO, should pursue this matter at the highest level of government.
Early detection of a new virus or new disease can lead to the most effective prevention at its source. Early knowledge of the new virus or disease can also lead to the fastest discovery of cures and vaccines. This is basic medical science.

As the WHO investigations on China have concluded without any scientific facts or evidence to link the origin of the virus to Wuhan or any part of China, the WHO should now turn its attention to the prime suspect of the origin of the virus – America.

*Prime suspect America*

America is now the prime suspect because of earlier news reports that the Covid-19 virus and Covid-19 anti-bodies were already detected in some Americans in 2019. That makes America the possible ground zero of the Covid-19 pandemic. Failure to investigate the USA as a possible origin of the virus would be injustice to humankind of the highest order.

Last week, US President (Biden) had conceded that his country’s intelligence community, including the Central Intelligence Agency, (nicknamed the “global spy”), the National Intelligence Council and four other agencies, have been unable to produce any scientific facts or evidence that the virus had originated in China. The logical conclusion that the US, which has the most sophisticated and high-tech spy network unmatched by any other country in the world, cannot show that Covid-19 originated in China is because the virus did not originate at China.

Looking for the origins of Covid-19 in China is like looking for weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq after the US military had invaded Iraq in 2003. No WMD was ever found in Iraq because none existed. Lies were told to the American people and the world in order to justify the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq.

At the beginning of 2020, as the virus first hit global news headlines, it was widely reported that the virus had originated in a wet market at Wuhan in China. Bats were blamed. Then, it appeared that American participants in the world military games at Wuhan in November 2019 (two months before the first reports of the virus), were infected.

*Strange infections on board naval ship*

Suspicions were fuelled by the appearance of Covid-19 on board the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt in March 2020. How was the virus able to jump from a wet market in central China to a US naval ship which was on duty at the Pacific Ocean? 1,156 of the sailors, including the captain, were infected by Covid-19. News of this extraordinarily strange infection emerged only after the ship captain’s appeal for help was leaked to the media, after which he was sacked.

Last year, the anti-China media frenzy was led by no less than (the then) President Trump who maliciously labelled the virus as “Chinese virus”. Sadly, this deliberate mislabelling of the virus as Chinese caused a tragic anti-Asian violence whereby many Asians were randomly beaten up in the streets of America.

One year later, after intensive research by their own spy agencies and scientists, the Americans now say that they cannot say where the where the virus had originated. Or is it possible that they know but don’t want to say so? What if the Covid-19 origin is at Fort Detrick? Fort Detrick is America’s army-run bio-weapons laboratory which was the source of anthrax attacks in 2001 within America.

After killing millions and wreaking havoc on people all over the world, the Covid-19 pandemic is coming to an end. As the world is getting to learn to live with the Covid-19 endemic, people have a right to know the true origin of Covid-19. WHO owes this duty to humankind.

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