“I Have Lost A Very Close Friend”

By Datuk Johnny Mositun


KOTA KINABALU: It’s always a sad feeling when we lose a friend. Yet it’s the rules of life. Allow me to give some personal thoughts about the late Datuk Sri Panglima Lajim Haji Ukin.
Datuk Sri Panglima Lajim is a grassroot leader, he started from nobody and make his way relentlessly through his diligent fighting spirit. At one point he was appointed as a leader for the community in Klias until he became a PBS representative. He became candidate in Klias but lost in 1985, yet in 1986 he bounce back as he won and became Assistant minister during PBS rulinge era until year 1994. As political struggle happen, it became history and people at that period of time will never forget the happening especially with the down fall of PBS.
Personally , as leader he is very capable until he leads another Party. DSP Lajim who is a Gayang Gayo of Bisaya managed to apologise to Huguan Siou Tan Sri Datuk Sri Panglima Joseph Pairin Kitingan who is a Paramount Leader of KDMR and President of PBS at a Harvest Festival in the year 2017. I know the late DSP Lajim Hj.Ukin personnally as he is very ambitious and helpful, may he rest in Eternal Peace. Condolences to the family and I hope they stay strong during this hard period of time. So long for now my friend.

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