WRU catches yet another crocodile in west coast Sabah

KOTA KINABALU: The Wildlife Rescue Unit (WRU) has captured yet another crocodile – this time in Beaufort.

Which probably explained why, in their facebook account and latest post, they capitalised the words “IT’S RAINING CROCODILE IN THE WEST COAST OF SABAH”.

In the post, the WRU was reported to have received another report of a crocodile sighting in Kampung Takuli, Beaufort on July 9, and quickly followed up by monitoring the area and setting up a huge crocodile trap since villagers there have sighted, on various times, a crocodile, at the river.

After merely three days of waiting, a crocodile entered the trap and one of the villagers, Henry Jonik Jacob contacted the WRU about the catch.

So, on July 12, at about 6.30am, a WRU team was dispatched to the site. The team successfully restrained the huge crocodile, which was almost 11 foot long. The crocodile was later transferred to the Wildlife Rescue Centre in Potuki.

In the post, WRU commended the quick action of Henry Jonik Jacob who acted on behalf of the villagers of Kampung Takuli, Beaufort and said that the crocodile could have harmed the people, especially the children.


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