Junz to GRS: Warisan Proved Sabah Does Not Need KL’s Green Light

KOTA KINABALU : Warisan Vice President, Datuk Junz Wong on Wednesday denied that Sabah has to wait for Putrajaya’s ‘green light’.


In a statement released on Thursday, Junz said the previous Warisan administration, despite having an ally in Putrajaya, proved that Sabah does not need to wait for Putrajaya’s ‘green light’ for everything.

“Did you know that in January 2020, during Chinese New Year, Sabah was among the first in Malaysia to suspend incoming flights from China?”

“The then PH Federal Government Transport Minister called us up and told us that stopping incoming flights was not Sabah’s call. YB Anthony Loke even instructed us to allow incoming China flights disembark in Kota Kinabalu International Airport.”

“However, Sabah’s then Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Shafie Apdal told KL off and schooled them about Sabah’s immigration rights. Our answer to KL was a firm ‘no’.”

“The next morning, the flights from China returned to China without disembarking.”

“Warisan did not ‘kow-tow’ to KL’s demands merely because they were an ally.”

“Instead, Warisan dared to do the right thing for the benefit of Sabahans, despite risking KL being offended.”

The former Sabah Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry further elaborated that Warisan’s consistency in championing Sabahans was proven.

“Subsequently the PH Federal Government collapsed.”

“When we no longer had an ally in KL, all sorts of sabotage tactics were done against Sabah, but Warisan always found a way to prioritise Sabahans.”

“Sabah had a shortage of test kits and PPEs. All these were responsibilities of the Federal Government.”

“We could have just played politics and kick the ball around. But Shafie said no, let us help all Sabahans.”

“So we dug into the state coffers to purchase our own Covid-19 test kits from Singapore and PPEs from South Korea.”

“Because if Warisan were to wait for KL, the lives of thousands Sabahans would be in jeopardy!”

Junz who is also the current Tanjung Aru State Assemblyman added, if GRS cannot get their acts together on the SOP ruckus, what more on bigger issues like the 1963 Malaysian Agreement.

“KL will never understand Sabah, because they are afterall based in KL.”

“So it is up to Sabahans to enlighten and school KL on Sabah’s situation, Sabah’s rights and Sabah’s autonomy.”

“Those KL Ministers are based in KL, where cases are in the thousands and showing no signs of decreasing. So naturally, these KL Ministers will use create a policy based on their surroundings, and then impose it on everyone including Sabah.”

“If GRS allows KL to get away this time, when will Sabah ever have the dignity to face the world?”

“Imagine if GRS cannot even settle this SOP and dine-in ruckus with their friends in KL, what more can be said about bigger issues?”

“Will GRS be able to fight for Sabah’s oil and gas rights?”

“Will GRS be able to fight for provisions under the MA63?”

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