Will the MCO be further extended?

By Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye


The continued high incidence of Covid-19 infections and the associated deaths were reasons enough to extend MCO till end of June. But the question is this: If by then the numbers do not come down, then will the MCO be further extended?

Obviously this cannot go on forever. There has to come a time when the MCO can, and should, be dispensed with totally.

So what do we do now to ensure our health and safety after June 28?

So far, the measures we have taken to ensure health and safety have not been totally effective. We have not learnt our lessons from the past. From the time of the Sabah elections, there have been many other instances when crowds of people have been gathering and have not fully complied with SOPs.

A case in point are the Ramadan bazaars and the continued crowded living quarters in factories and the like.

In tackling the pandemic we must make the right decisions after due

consultation with all stakeholders and we must be firm in executing those

decisions. There must be no flip-flops and U-turns.

We must not waste time and resources in non-productive pursuits and discussions, like whether cigarettes and beer are essential items; what factories to be allowed to operate; limiting the number of people in a car to two when more than two people, as a family, continue to live in close proximity in a house.

Let’s all put our act together and act decisively to combat this pandemic. Pool all our resources, thoughts and actions to accomplish that goal.

At a time like this, one must not be selfish. Everyone irrespective of his or her status in society must fall in line and fully comply with the SOPs. It is a question of discipline and self-regulation for the sake of our own safety and all those in the frontline.

And if lives are more important than livelihoods, as they obviously are, then let’s make a sacrifice and brace ourselves to face the lockdown for another two weeks. Lets hope there will not be another extension.

It’s all or nothing. Half-hearted measures must make way for full measures, again, for a specified period of time.

And what are these? For one, we must leave no stone unturned in our effort to step up our MASS VACCINATION plans. We must do all that is necessary to ensure there are enough vaccines to achieve herd immunity. The Vaccine rollout so far has been slow. It has only picked up recently and 200 to 300 thousand jabs daily are proposed in the coming days if there are no glitches.

We must aim for adequate vaccine supply and for herd immunity by the end of this year, at the latest.

The people must also play their part. They owe it to their fellow Malaysians to strictly follow all SOPs which simply are to Keep physical distances, Avoid crowded places, Wash hands regularly and Wear masks in public places.

Every person, without exception, must play his or her part. This is a calling for everyone.

Let this not be a platitude. Make it our commitment, our bounden duty and our sacred responsibility.

Let’s be resolute. Governments can only do so much. We, the people, must do the rest.


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