Dr Max hostility strengthens STAR

KOTA KINABALU: In response to the most recent statements by the president of PBS, Datuk Dr. Maximus Ongkili, chiding STAR SABAH’s president “not to stir sentiments for political mileage” and on his party’s “willingness to work with Warisan for the good of Sabahans”, STAR SABAH is grateful that “Dr. Max is actually doing STAR a great favour.”


The Secretary General of STAR, Datuk Guandee Kohoi, said in a statement here that by making the surprising attack on Dr. Jeffrey, Maximus is now making the leaders and members of STAR more united and rallying even more eagerly behind their president.

“How ironic that by being so aggressive against a fellow member of the Gabungan Rakyat Sabah (GRS) coalition, Dr. Max is making the people wonder whether his judgement is logical and what are his real intentions,” Kohoi said. “Apparently he is so desperate to take over the Keningau parliamentary and Tambunan state constituencies from Dr Jeffrey’s hand that he is now willing to go sai lang (betting everything) on his political career and on PBS’ future.

Kohoi, who is also the Deputy Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture, lamented Max’s sudden aggressiveness as uncalled for and unbecoming, and wonders if it is all a brazen effort to reawaken PBS from its dwindling support.

“It also appears he is throwing all co-operation between PBS and STAR to the winds,” Kohoi said. “And by so doing he is sacrificing the whatever unity there is left in GRS. This intention is confirmed in his willingness to work with Parti Warisan Sabah, which in turn is toying with the idea of working with UMNO.

“So is it any wonder that PBS had in fact violated the gentlemen’s agreement not to clash with STAR in any constituency in the last state general election?” he asked. “And now the modus operandi is being extended to the present unfriendly moves to wipe out all possibility of future cooperation with STAR, least of all the possibility of responding positively to STAR’s proposal for a merger.”

Kohoi, however is upbeat on the effect of PBS’ new hostility because it is opening new avenues and increasing the support for STAR.

“How ironic that by attacking us, and declaring intention to work with Warisan and to align with Malayan parties, Dr. Max is making the people realize the great value in the far-reaching and visionary stance of Dr Jeffrey who wants to do away with Malayan parties, and to call for a new draft of the Malaysia Agreement.

“How unwise of PBS to want to take the opposite direction! This new turn is actually putting the final nail on the coffin of PBS’ original struggle of 1985,” he said. “Simple common sense knows this is not in line with the aspiration of most Sabahans, especially the Momoguns. As such we actually welcome Dr. Max’s combativeness because it is benefiting STAR. More and more of the people will be disillusioned by PBS’ struggle and realize the value of STAR’s political struggle for a future Sabah which will have full autonomy over its resources and planning of its own destiny within the federation. We are glad that Dr. Max is possibly committing an irreversible error and inadvertently strengthening STAR at the same time.”

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