Discussions with UMNO on seat allocation postponed, not stopped – Abdul Hadi

MARANG: Discussions with Umno on the allocation of seats for the 15th general election (GE15) have not stopped but they have been postponed, said PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang.
He said currently PAS was discussing the matter only with Bersatu.
Abdul Hadi said Umno must set a clear direction and iron out its internal crisis before negotiation on the distribution of seats could continue.
“It (seat allocation) is still in the early stages. We are still together with Umno but the party is still saddled with internal crisis, let them solve their problems first.
“Our negotiations with Umno has not ended, just delayed. Let us wait for Umno to settle their problems while we proceed with our discussions with Bersatu,” he told reporters after delivering a Dhuha on-line lecture at Rusila Mosque here today.
Newspapers had earlier reported Abdul Hadi as saying PAS had sent its representatives to negotiate with Bersatu on the distribution of seats, while discussions with Umno would have to be delayed as the party was facing internal problems.
Meanwhile, Abdul Hadi said the PAS Ulama Council has decided that the party is allowed to work with any political party in particular Malay or Islam-based political parties. 
“We are fine with non-Muslim political parties that are not extreme but we reject Malay liberal parties,” he said.


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