GRS government must to speak up against the deferrment of UNDI18

The Perikatan National (PN) government’s abrupt denial of the UNDI18 right to register to vote and Automatic Voters Registration (AVR) by July 2021 are unacceptable as they have seized the rights of youths to elect a government of their choice.


The UNDI18 was a long process involving constitutional amendment, as it has to go through the discussion process in parliament to gain support and approval from all political parties. It has received Royal Assent to be implemented this year.

“The GRS Sabah government must join the voices of other political parties and pressure the PN government and the Election Commission to repeal its decision to defer the decision by Parliament” Jannie Lasimbang, ADUN Kapayan said.

“Almost all countries in the world have recognized the right to vote for their youth. I am disappointed with the PN government decision and the Election Commission that postponed the implementation of UNDI18 that agreed by all relevant parties as hey ignore the voice of the people and the rights of young people to choose their future.”

“I call for the UNDI18 and AVR to be implemented this year, and not make a mockery of a parliamentary decision. Youths bring creativity, enthusiasm, new energy and they dare to dream. It is time we show our willingness to see the youths engaging in the electoral process and in choosing their future leader. Instead of silencing the voice of the young people, it is better to show them leadership experience that inspires them to better our world” Jannie added.

“Young people need to rise to claim their rights to vote, as this has already gained approval from all parties in parliament. It is not fair to rob their rights to determine the government that will make good policy decisions involving their lives”.

With UNDI18, more young people will be involved in politics and they can voice out issues and problems in Malaysia, as well proposed solutions that they can identify and be involved in. Youth are the building blocks of a nation and the stronger the youth, the more developed the nation will be.

“Democracy cannot stop, neither should we deny it. Many benefits can be achieved when the country allows the youths to come forward. Our belief and our efforts to empower in young people are our hope for the future especially as they turn into responsible and involved adults”.

Jannie said that she will continue to raise this issue and allow young people to voice out the “UNDI18 NOW!!” campaign whenever she has public activities and hope that many of her constituents will join her.

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