More than 200 dwellers lost their houses during a fire at Pulau Gaya

KOTA KINABALU: More than 200 dwellers at Pulau Gaya lost their house when a fire that broke destroyed 73 houses on water at Kampung Lok Urai last night.
According to the Operation Centre of the Fire and Rescue Department Malaysia (JBPM), a team of firefighters were immediately dispatched from the department in Kota Kinabalu, Lintas and Penampang to the scene after receiving the distress call on 8.23 pm.
“On arrival at the water village, all 73 houses have been ravaged fully in the fire involving an area of one acre. The team salvaged 757 other houses,” said a statement.
The fire was successfully controlled at around 10.16 pm.
No loss of live were reported in the incident and the cause of the fire is still being investigated.

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