Upko Hails Court Ruling on “Allah” use by Christian as victory for freedom of religion  as enshrined on Batu Sumpah Penubuhan Malaysia

The decision made by the High Court in quashing the government’s 1986 directive is indeed welcome on finally settling the issue concerning the banning the use of the word Allah in Christian Publication.
This issue has been of great concern for Malaysians and has caused controversies and debates for years because sadly this issue has been politicised by certain parties as touching on the sensitivities and rights of certain race and religion where in fact it is more of a legal and constitutional issue.  This latest decision by the High Court is based on legal grounds and should be viewed by all as such.
It was indeed the aspiration of Sabahans for the freedom of religion to be protected as enshrined on the ‘Batu Sumpah Penubuhan Malaysia’. The Court has finally recognize this important aspiration.
We hope that the statement made by Muafakat Nasional in urging the Federal government to appeal the decision is based on legal grounds and not based on playing to the sentiments of certain race and religion to score political points or to strengthened the Muafakat Nasional alliance.
What is more disconcerting is the fact that UMNO and PAS are part of the Federal government and the question arise whether the Attorney General Chambers under the purview of the Prime Minister Department, in deciding whether to appeal the High Court are based on how they view the decision independently and on the legal merits of the Judge’s grounds. We hope that cool heads and sound decisions will prevail in respecting the decision of the High Court.
UPKO have always believe in protecting the constitutional rights of every citizen of this country regardless of race and religion. We believe that respect, tolerance and compassion are the bedrock of our society and that Malaysia will progress stronger when our people are together in this. UPKO leaders and members throughout the country are joining other believers of Allah in praying for the continuous harmony and peace on this land of ours.
Wilfred Madius Tangau
Tuaran Member of Parliament
UPKO President
Donald Mojuntin
Senator for Sabah
UPKO Deputy President
Ewon Benedick
Assemblyperson for Kadamaian
UPKO Vice President

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