Car plunges into Sungai Sarawak

KUCHING (BERNAMA):  A car plunged into Sungai Sarawak near the Satok Bridge project here, this morning.


Preliminary information from the Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department operations centre said a distress call was received at about 10.36 am but the caller could not confirm the number of victims in the vehicle.

As many as 14 firefighters and rescuers from the Padungan Fire Station were deployed to the scene upon receiving the call.

A video showing a silver coloured car partially submerged in the water and a boat with two individuals approaching the vehicle to rescue the victim has gone viral on social media.

One of the men in the boat when met at the scene said he saw the vehicle floating while cleaning garbage in the river.

The man who introduced himself as Bonnie said he and his friend rushed to rescue the victim in the vehicle but failed as all four doors were locked from the inside.

“I only saw the victim giving a signal forbidding me to help, I also could not do anything because there was no tool to break the car window.“We tried to tow the vehicle using a rope but the rope gave way and we could only watch the vehicle sinking,” he told reporters when met at the scene. 

Meanwhile, Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department head Supt Alexson Naga Chabu when contacted by Bernama said the police were seeking information regarding the incident.– BERNAMA

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