Mobile RCP necessary to stop smugglers from using rat trails – Zaki

KOTA KINABALU: Land checks or Road Check Point (RCP) must be mobile and not be fixed at certain locations for long durations.


Advisor of the Drugs and Crime Prevention Association for Sabah (PPDJS), Mohd Zaki Harry Susanto said that this will reduce opportunities for smugglers to use available rat trails and help address issues related to income tax revenue leakages, which is the major income for the country.

He said that checks at sea or Sea Check Point (SCP) must also be created at the waters in Tawau and Sandakan to protect the sovereignty of the country’s region by allowing the presence of the enforcement agencies felt.

Zaki said that enforcement agencies must be proactive in addressing crimes such as smuggling, drugs, intrusion of illegal immigrants and log thefts particularly at the ESSZONE so that the people’s level of trust and confidence towards enforcement activities can be maintained.

“We propose that all RCP do not operate at a certain location for more than three months and make it difficult to carry out smuggling activities. Because of that, the RCP in Kalabakan must be shifted to the Tibow area as there are several rat trails that can be used by criminals there which are linked with illegal logging and illegal immigrants.

“We also propose that the RCP at Mile 32 in Sandakan to be reactivated and see the permanent creation of the ‘Ops Payung’ at all entry points from sea,” he said in a statement.

Zaki said that SCP and ‘Ops Payung’ can assist in severing the Covid-19 pandemic chain as it will have a more effective control on the entry of illegal immigrants.

“The Covid-19 statistics in Sabah is showing a downward trend. We want to ensure that the trend continues by stopping the entry of illegal immigrants who definitely did not undergo Covid-19 screening before entering Sabah illegally. We don’t want the local folks to become victims of situation,” he said.

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