Investors beware of scams! – Bursa Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR (BERNAMA): Bursa Malaysia Bhd has advised the public to be alert and cautious before participating in any investment schemes and activities.


“The Exchange has observed a growing number of cases where the Bursa Malaysia name and corporate logo are being misused for marketing purposes by unscrupulous companies and websites.

“Such activities often come in the guise of attractive investment returns or opportunities,” it said in a statement.

It said the scams are often through unsolicited letters purporting to come from Bursa Malaysia or its subsidiaries and marketing-related emails and postings on various social media platforms, carrying the Bursa Malaysia name and logo.

“Recipients are often asked to click on links leading to false websites or scam phone numbers. Members of the public are also reminded to invest with licensed parties only,” it said.

It said a list of unauthorised websites, investment products, companies and individuals are available at

Bursa Malaysia also advises investors to not make any payments or provide any personal information or data without ascertaining whether the transaction is legitimate.

It cautions investors against responding to suspicious emails or text messages, or contacting the sender and opening suspicious website links or attachments which could potentially harm their computer or mobile devices with a virus.

“Bursa Malaysia does not engage third party agents to represent us. If you receive unsolicited and/or suspicious communications relating to, or claiming to be agents of Bursa Malaysia, we recommend contacting us directly at 03-2732 0067 or email at to authenticate the content of any such communication,” it added.– BERNAMA

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