Pope Francis reportedly advised to go on diet and stop eating pasta amid back pain

VATICAN CITY: Pope Francis has earlier apologised for having to remain seated during an audience with cardinals on Friday due to his back pain, Sputnik news agency reported.

Doctors have advised 84-year-old Pope Francis to eat less pasta and to lose at least 4 lbs in order to relieve stress from his aching back as the pontiff was diagnosed with sciatica, a painful nerve condition, according to The Sun.According to reports, the Pope has been recommended to eat small bowls of rice at meals and plenty of fruit, vegetables, olive oil and fish. The pontiff was also advised to stop eating cakes.

“If he sticks to the doctors’ advice he’ll be fine but he’s well known for his healthy appetite,” said sources in Rome, as quoted by The Sun.

Pope Francis has apologised for remaining seated during an audience on Friday as well as skipping two masses. among other public duties, due to sciatica.

Earlier, Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI received their first doses of COVID-19 vaccines under the immunisation campaign in the Vatican that started in January.– BERNAMA

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