Five Indonesian sailors rescued after fishing boat runs aground in Sanzhi

NEW TAIPEI: Five Indonesian sailors were rescued on Tuesday after their fishing boat ran aground and almost capsized near Qianshui Bay in New Taipei’s Sanzhi District, Taiwan’s Central News Agency (CNA) reported according to the Coast Guard Administration (CGA).


In a statement, the CGA’s Coast Patrol Corps 8 said the ship had set out from Fisherman’s Wharf in Tamsui on Tuesday morning, and ran aground near Qianshui Bay, a popular beach area, after sailing too close to the shore.

After receiving an emergency call, the Coast Guard sent a team to check on the ship, which was listing heavily to one side, and rescued its five Indonesian crew members, the CGA said.

The ship’s captain, a Taiwanese national surnamed Huang, decided to remain aboard the ship, hoping the rising tide would carry it back out to sea, the Coast Guard said.
The exact cause of the accident is currently under investigation, it said.– BERNAMA

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