Urgent need for connectivity access in Sabah

KOTA KINABALU:  Limbahau Community Development Leader Datuk Johnny Mositun stresses on the urgent need for the federal and state government to address the poor internet access in Sabah.


A long term resolution must be reached because internet access is very important for the people especially in this current situation where the Covid-19 situation has forced everyone to live with the new normal.

“Students are studying through online classes and businesses have also adopted digitilization. It is sad and disappointing to hear that some places do not have internet access making it difficult for the students to follow their daily lessons,” said the PBS Vice President.

Mositun quoted for example the recent media report of a father in Kampung Gana Papar who built a hut on top of a hill just so that his children can access the internet there to study.

Jeffery Joseph, 41, said the area is about an eight-minute walk from his house and is the only spot that has internet connection.

Mositun who is also PBS Limbahau chief said acknowledges Jeffrey’s initiative to look for internet coverage so that his children online study.

“The issue here is there is a need to address the issue of internet blind spots  /phone coverage not only in Limbahau but Sabah in General,” he said after trekking to the top of the hill to see for himself the situation yesterday.

Mositun stressed that they are not to blaming government but want to to seek more attention to the issue that not only occurs in Kampung Gana, but generally in Sabah.

“Since the lockdown many things have changed including education system and  Internet coverage is now viewed as an ‘essential’ in daily lives nowadays because people are encouraged to stay at home.

Jeffrey’s three aged 8, 9 and 12 are students of SJK(C) Anglo Chinese in the state capital.

They were feeling cooped up in their apartment in the state capital so their parents took them back to Kampung Gana where they had more freedom. 

This time, they decided to extend their stay there following the implementation of the Movement Control Order.

For now, Jeffery would bring a computer and a tablet to the hill with his children for their daily online classes.

The makeshift hut, which he and his brother was built using bamboo from around the hill.

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